About Us

At Central Hooksett Water, our goal is to provide safe, clean water to all of our residents! Central Hooksett Water Precinct, for a number of years has been supplied completely by Manchester Water Works with a connection on Zapora Road and on North River Road. Manchester Water Works supplies water from Lake Massabesic located in East Manchester and Auburn, NH.

The Precinct was formed in 1956 and is considered a Village District under NH law. Village districts or precincts constitute a specialized form of municipal government. As such, the Precinct is a limited purpose governmental unit having the same authority and power as the Town of Hooksett with respect to the purposes for which the Precinct was formed.

The affairs of the Precinct are managed by an elected five-member Board of Water Commissioners and supported by three additional elected officials, the Clerk, Moderator and Treasurer. The Commissioners possess the same powers and perform the same duties with respect to Precinct meetings and business, including preparing warrants and running elections, as the Selectmen for the Town do.

From 1956-1990's  Central hooksett water owned and operated 3 wells which serviced parts of hooksett. The wells were abandoned after agreeing to purchase water already treated from Manchester. One of the wells was removed  to build a house in the 55+ community called Brookridge.  Another well location was sold back to Manchester Sand and Gravel on Hooksett Rd and is still there to this day, but is not in use. The final well was removed and is the current location for the Central Hooksett Water Precinct office.

The water system is comprised of 2 interconnections (meter pits) with Manchester Water Works as the source water for Central Hooksett Water. From there the water is stored in two different tanks, one on White Hall Rd just above the Cawley Middle school entrance (1,000,000 gallon), and the other on Oak Hill Road (250,000 gallon). Those tanks represent the low pressure zone of the system.  After that there are 3 different high pressure zones (pumped water from low service tanks) that service the rest of the precinct. One being the Granite Hill tank system (400,000 gallon) which serves Granite Hill and Granite Heights . Another being the Campbell Hill tank system (300,000 gallon) that serves Campbell Hill Estates. The last one being the Glencrest tank system (335,000 gallon) which serves the Glencrest Estates and the Berry Hill Estates. These tanks provide storage for water use as well as fire protection. In case of an emergency, there is a interconnection with Hooksett Village Water to serve them with additional water if needed.