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Rates & Fees

Dear Customer,

Please understand that the CHWP is committed to providing the best quality water at the lowest possible cost to our customers. The current rate increases, although unpleasent, still leaves our water rate very reasonable compared to the 2018 NH State average of $7.67/1000 gallons.Since 2015 this Precinct was required by the State of New Hampshire to finance the RT3 water main upgrade from Benton Rd. to the Valvoline Shop costing over $480,000. Since January 1, 2020 we continue to change out older meters to cellular reading meters on an as needed basis by appointment. In addition, in early 2020 our facility suffered staffing changes, system changes and constraints that were costly. We have also incured a $21,403.00 yearly obligation covering the next 20 years of required upgrades to our portion of the Manchester Water Works Station providing water to portions of Hooksett.

These Rate changes are effective as of January 1, 2021